Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction

The fight against breast cancer is a life-changing battle too many women end up facing – one which Dr. Aylward has been through personally. Those who choose to undergo a mastectomy are often able to overcome cancer, but it is not without a cost. Losing one’s breast can leave a woman feeling scarred and unlike her feminine self. Breast reconstruction can help to rebuild a woman’s breast after cancer to give her back the body she deserves. As a breast cancer survivor herself, Kansas City plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Aylward, specializes in breast reconstruction surgery, understanding the specific needs and worries of the women seeking the procedure.

Post-Mastectomy Reconstructive Breast Surgery in Kansas City

Pursuing reconstructive breast surgery is a huge decision for any breast cancer survivor. After beating breast cancer, most women simply want to return to the way their lives used to be. However, losing one or both breasts to a mastectomy can leave you with a scar that keeps you from feeling comfortable and confident.

Breast reconstruction in Kansas City can be a positive life-changing procedure for women who are wanting to renew their bodies. Having gone through breast cancer herself, Dr. Aylward can answer all of your questions and concerns during your consultation.

There are different methods of performing reconstructive breast surgery. The right procedure for you will depend on factors such as existing breast tissue, availability of donor fat, muscle, and tissue from other areas of your body, and when you choose to have your reconstruction performed (can be immediately after a mastectomy or postponed until your body has healed).

Your Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Breast reconstruction in Kansas City can be performed one of two ways – as a flap procedure or tissue expansion/implant. Our team will recommend the right method for your reconstruction.

Depending on the type of flap technique, your surgical team will use donor muscle, fat and skin from either your abdomen or back to recreate your breast. Some women may achieve their desired results using just the flap while others may also require a small breast implant.

Tissue expansion is done by placing a saline tissue expander beneath the skin and chest muscle. Over the course of about 4-6 months, several visits will be required so we can gradually fill the expander to safely stretch the skin and make room for an implant to be placed. Once the desired size has been reached, the Truman team will perform surgery to replace the tissue expander with either a silicone or saline breast implant. This step can sometime be avoided if a skin sparing mastectomy is done and immediate reconstruction with an implant follows.

Because the nipple and areola are often lost following a mastectomy, there are supplemental procedures that can help to restore a realistic appearance. With many years of experience and a specialty in reconstructive breast surgery, Dr. Aylward strives to provide each of her patients with balanced and natural looking breasts.

Breast Reconstruction Recovery

Breast reconstruction is one of the most rewarding procedures for both Dr. Aylward and her patients. Recovery will take some time and it is important to remain patient and positive. Upon seeing their final results, breast reconstruction patients are often brought to tears. Breast reconstruction in Kansas City often serves as that final step to overcoming one’s fight against breast cancer and is an extremely emotional experience.

Take pride in being a survivor without having to feel like a victim.

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