Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting

Fat grafting, the process of taking donor fat cells from one area of the body and injecting it into another, has become an efficient method for enhancing various physical features of the face and body. Fat grafting allows for a less invasive alternative to other surgical methods, and when used as a filler, can provide a more permanent solution to popular non-surgical treatments.

Deciding to Undergo Fat Grafting

Dr. Aylward and the Truman team can use fat grafting for aesthetic purposes such as:

  • Breast enhancement
  • Treating the signs of aging or a loss of volume in the face
  • Sculpting the body’s contours (including the Brazilian butt lift)

Fat grafting is best for patients who are lacking volume in the area they wish to enhance, and have excess fat in other areas of the body. For example, a good candidate for a fat grafting breast augmentation is a woman with smaller breasts, but excess fat tissue in the abdomen or buttock.

Because the fat cells are natural to your own body, fat grafting is a very safe procedure when performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Aylward. Men and women considering facial fillers may also talk to our team to see if facial fat grafting may be a better option for them.

Your Fat Grafting Procedure

During your consultation, Dr. Aylward will explain your procedure in detail and prior to the fat grafting will mark the areas where fat will be taken and injected. You will be placed under a general or local anesthesia to keep you rested and comfortable throughout the procedure.

To begin harvesting donor fat cells, our surgical team may perform a liposuction procedure in the abdomen, hips or buttock, collecting fat cells through a cannula. Once the donor fat cells have been collected, they are injected into the donor site to restore volume. This is done through multiple small puncture wounds, injecting the fat until the desired effect has been achieved. Because some of the fat will be absorbed back into the body, we will inject slightly more than needed to maintain a youthful appearance.

Fat Grafting Recovery

You will need to spend some time recovering after your Fat Grafting Kansas City procedure. Healing time will vary from patient to patient depending on where liposuction was performed to harvest the fat. Your treatment area will appear slightly fuller than what you had expected at first, but this is completely normal. Over time, your body will absorb some of the injected fat, leaving you with your desired results.

Once the initial swelling goes down, you will notice a fuller, more youthful appearance of your treatment area. The results of your procedure are permanent, though your body will continue to age so you may decide to undergo touch-up treatments after a few years.

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