Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery

While each year, many women undergo breast augmentation to increase the size of their breasts, there are others who wish for the exact opposite. Women who have naturally larger breasts that are disproportionate to their figures often suffer from various physical and emotional problems. Breast reduction surgery is a procedure designed to balance out your figure and reduce the weight and size of your breasts. Kansas City board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Aylward, and the Truman team can help to provide you with breasts that feel as though they were made for your body, while treating a wide range of issues that can be caused by large breasts.

Deciding to Undergo a Breast Reduction

Bigger is not necessarily always better. If your naturally larger breasts are causing you physical pain or emotional discomfort, breast reduction may be an effective option to alleviate your symptoms and achieve the body you want.

You may be considering breast reduction surgery if your breasts are causing problems such as:

  • Back, neck or shoulder pain
  • Chafing
  • Difficulty finding properly fitting clothing
  • Difficulty exercising
  • Self-consciousness

Carrying a large amount of weight in your breast can cause a lot of stress in other areas of your body. Reducing their size with a breast reduction can effectively improve much of the pain you may be experiencing.

We make sure to treat each of our patients in an individualized manner to make sure they receive the best treatment and recommendations possible. Your consultation will cover the details of the procedure, as well as any options you have regarding surgery. Depending on your situation, Dr. Aylward may decide that you are a good candidate for a minimal-scar breast reduction, which primarily uses liposuction to reduce your breast size. You will also be able to ask Dr. Aylward any questions you may have about life after your breast reduction in Kansas City. As a woman and breast-cancer survivor, she understands that choosing to undergo breast surgery is a big commitment, and will do her best to ensure you are comfortable and confident before heading into surgery.

Your Breast Reduction Surgery

The breast reduction procedure consists of five main components:

  • Removing excess skin
  • Excising excess breast tissue and fat (liposuction may be used)
  • Tightening the underlying breast tissue
  • Repositioning the breast and nipple
  • Tightening and closing the remaining skin

Following your surgery, the surgical team will cover your incisions with gauze and will insert surgical drains to prevent fluid from building up beneath the skin.

Breast Reduction Recovery

You will be allowed to return home with a loved one a couple hours after your surgery. We will provide you with detailed instructions to help care for your breasts in the following weeks of recovery. Initially, you may experience some tightness of your breasts and there will be some post-surgical bruising and swelling. We will provide you with compression garment or supportive bra, which will need to be worn for a couple weeks following your procedure to help minimize swelling.

After about a week, you should feel well enough to return to work. Three weeks is typically how long it takes to resume lighter exercise and six weeks for full, normal activity.

Women are often not only thrilled with the new look of their breasts, but also the lifestyle changes they experience because of them. Over time, the back, neck, and shoulder pain will become a thing of the past. You will feel more comfortable running and exercising now that your breasts are a smaller, more manageable size and weight, and you can feel confident in those clothes you once avoided because of the way they fit over your breasts. We have often seen the life-changing impact that breast reduction surgery can have for women, and strive to provide each of our patients with the best results possible.

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