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Upper Arm Lift

Losing a large amount of weight can leave a person with excess skin hanging off their arms. These bat wings, as they are so lovingly called, is a source of self-consciousness for many men and women who have already gone through the hard work of losing excess fat. An arm lift at Truman Medical Center Plastic Surgery can help you achieve the toned, slender arms you desire.

Deciding to Undergo Arm Lift Surgery

Many people suffer from excess skin draping over their arms after losing large amounts of weight. Unfortunately, when skin loses its elasticity – whether due to obesity, age, or genetics – it will not tighten back on its own with just diet and exercise. Surgery is the only solution for many men and women wanting to get rid of the excess skin and tone their arms.

An arm lift in Kansas City is commonly performed along with other body contouring procedures such as a tummy tuck or thigh lift. During your consultation, Dr. Aylward will recommend the best treatment plan for achieving your goal look.

Your Arm Lift Surgery

The arm lift is a procedure that requires a rather lengthy incision extending from near the armpit, down toward the elbow. However, what it comes down to is this: would you rather live with the excess skin or a scar beneath your arm that is often hardly visible?

Once Dr. Aylward makes the incision, she will work to reshape the underlying structure, removing any excess tissue to achieve a slimmer contour. Liposuction may be necessary for removing any excess fat at this point as well. Once the desired shape is achieved, Truman’s surgical team re-drapes the skin over your arm, pulling tight and removing excess before closing the incision to get rid of any drooping or sagging.

Arm Lift Recovery

The Truman team will provide you with a special compression garment to wear following your surgery. This will help your skin to heal evenly and help to avoid unnecessary complications. While you may experience some initial tightness and discomfort, it is often smooth sailing after the first week. You should be able to return to work at this time, but take it easy avoid lifting heavy objects for about a month.

Although your arm will be hidden beneath a compression garment for some time, you will likely still be able to notice a change in the shape of your arm. Truman Medical Center Plastic Surgery patients are often thrilled to see their results when the garment is removed. Being rid of the excess skin they were left with after losing the fat can be a very rewarding experience.

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