Brazilian Butt Lift

In 2013, the Brazilian butt lift was the fastest growing plastic surgery procedure. Popular with women wanting to enhance their buttocks, the Brazilian butt lift in Kansas City allows for a less invasive procedure than gluteal implants by using a patient’s own fat. The Truman surgical team can perform a Brazilian butt lift to help achieve a more symmetrical figure by adding volume to a woman’s backside.

Deciding to Undergo a Brazilian Butt Lift

Whether you’re unhappy with the way your pants fit, or simply want to enhance your figure, a Brazilian butt lift can help give you the shape you desire. Even while doing certain exercises such as squats, genetics may be keeping you from achieving your desired shape. Women with a flat or disproportionate backside can achieve a more feminine and balanced figure with a Brazilian butt lift.

The Brazilian butt lift has been known to provide women with more natural-looking results than those of a buttock augmentation using gluteal implants. This fat transfer procedure also poses a lower risk of infection than gluteal implants. However, not everyone is right for a Brazilian butt lift. During your consultation with Dr. Aylward, the two of you will discuss your expectations and goal appearance. Because a Brazilian butt lift uses your body’s own fat, you need to have some excess fat in areas such as the abdomen, that can be used to enhance the shape and size of your buttocks.

Your Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Rather than using gluteal implants, a Brazilian butt lift is performed as a fat transfer procedure. Your surgical team at Truman Medical Center will take donor fat cells from areas of excess on your body with liposuction – this way, you are also losing unwanted fat from other areas! Once removed, the fat, tissue and blood is then transferred into the buttocks through a series of injections. Dr. Aylward will carefully add fat to the buttocks until the desired shape has been achieved.

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

Following your procedure, the surgical team will provide you with detailed instructions to help you throughout the recovery process. We will provide you with a special support garment to help achieve even healing and compression. You should avoid long periods of sitting for about two weeks in order to prevent from damaging the fat. When sleeping, you will want to be face down or on your side.

The amount of time it will take before you are able to return to work will depend on the number of areas liposuction was performed to collect the needed fat. You will notice an immediate improvement in the shape and size of your buttock, but it will take roughly 12 months for you to see your final results.

After your Brazilian butt lift in Kansas City, your body will have new, natural looking curves. Many women are often thrilled to try on new pairs of pants and bathing suits, confident and excited to have their new bodies.

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